STAR OF WONDER: AN EPIPHANY STORY - Extending the Christmas Season

Star of Wonder: An Epiphany Story Book

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star of wonder

On a dark, cold night Jesse the young shepherd feels his heart warmed by the light of the biggest, brightest star he has ever seen, and the sky begins to sing.

Light and wonder fill Mary Lee Wile's retelling of the Nativity story and are reflected in whimsical watercolor illustrations by award-winning cartoonist Sage Stossel (Wile's niece), in this charming picture book that will touch the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages. [Click to see larger cover image.]

See a video interview with Mary Lee Wile about Star of Wonder (by Heidi Shott of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine).

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Star of Wonder invites children and their families to enter the joyful mystery of Epiphany through Jesse's story.

The suggested music, crafts, and activities offered at this companion Web site can help enhance your child's understanding of Epiphany—and can be a lot of fun for the whole family.

There's even a plan to put on a Festal Meal: a family meal that celebrates Epiphany with decorations and special foods that children can help prepare.

Those interested in learning more about Epiphany can check out Background, Legends, Art, and Traditions of the Season.

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Below you'll find some of the illustrations from Star of Wonder, which you can print. In the book, these pages are in color, but the versions here are black and white so children can color them however they like.

Jesse the Shepherd | A Star in the Night | Jesse and Daniel | Three Kings | Breaking Bread | Finding the Manger | Nativity Scene | Jesse Grows Up

(Images are oriented sideways for optimal printing)

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